FALL 2014 Semester Readings

Monday September 8th, 2014

Ecological and Evolutionary Consequences of Multispecies Plant-Animal Interactions

Monday September 15th, 2014

Adaptive foraging behaviour of individual pollinators and the coexistence of co-flowering plants


FALL 2013 Semester Readings

Wednesday October 16, 2013

Evolution of camouflage drives rapid ecological change in an insect community

Wednesday October 9, 2013

Characterizing scale-dependent community assembly using the functional-diversity-area relationship

Wednesday October 2, 2013

Ecological Rules Governing Helminth-Microparasite Coinfection

Wednesday September 25, 2013

Testing the potential for conflicting selection on floral chemical traits by pollinators and herbivores: Predictions and case study.

Wednesday September 18, 2013

Effect of gut passage and dung on seed germination and seedling growth: donkeys and a multipurpose mesquite from a Mexican inter-tropical desert

Wednesday September 11, 2013

Dogmatic is problematic: Interpreting evidence for latitudinal gradients in herbivory and defense.

Additional Readings for your own interests

Extinction cascades partially estimate herbivore losses in a complete Lepidoptera-plant food web

Predicting novel trophic interactions in a non-native world

A genetically-based latitudinal cline in the emission of herbivore-induced plant volatile organic compounds

Filling key gaps in population and community ecology

Partitioning diversity into independent alpha and beta components

Evolutionary ecology and the conservation of biodiversity

Unraveling plant-animal diversity relationships: a meta-regression analysis.

The dissimilarity of species interaction networks.

Plasticity in ploidy underlies plant fitness compensation to herbivore damage

How context dependent are species interactions?


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