Reading 10/13/15

Whoa what a turn out yesterday for the discussion of Lindsay’s paper. Definitely some interesting ground covered!

Andrea has picked the paper for 10/13. Judging by the title it is about host use and evolution in Heliconius Butterflies.


In further news- vote for where you want to meet… we will close this poll on Monday evening and I will send out results Tuesday morning.

Poll is here:


Reading 9/29/15

In light of our discussion on 9/20 we opted to read another plant herbivore paper for next week. The following week will be seed dispersal, so keep your chin up of you are tired of herbivory.



Picked By Josh Harrison:


Final Meeting of the Semester, May 18th, 2015

Here is a great paper to end the semester. Thanks for everyone that joined in the discussions and lets plan on keeping this thing rolling into next semester. Spread the word about PAInt in Biology and EECB. I am sure that there are people that would be interested, but do not know about it.

A conceptual framework for studying the strength of plant–animal mutualistic interactions

PAInt Meeting! April 27th, 2014

Greetings PAInters,

It’s been a while since we have met, but I think the distractions are starting to wane. That means it’s time to have another distraction. Sharon Strauss is the invited EECB colloquium speaker this week, so I figured that we should read one of her papers. She has a lot great work that is highly relevant to many of the topics we read in PAInt. Check out here publications here.

Here is the paper for this week. We will meet tomorrow at Craft at 5:30 pm. Food will be provided. Pizza?

Mutual Feedbacks Maintain Both Genetic and Species Diversity in a Plant Community

Reading For March 9th

Greetings here is the paper that Lindsay picked for today. Also, there is a chance that we won’t meet today. Biology is hiring and there will be a candidate reception that we should all try to attend. I will let everyone know once I find out.

The role of seed dispersal, pollination and historical effects on genetic patterns of an insular plant that has lost its only seed disperser