Reading for 2/3/2014

Gegear et al 2007


One response to “Reading for 2/3/2014”

  1. jacobsfrancis says :

    A couple quick possible discussion questions:

    The authors posit that ecological context can have important impacts on the tradeoff between defense and attraction. Do you believe that the experimental design effectively addressed realistic ecological contexts? How might you redesign the experiment to address relevant ecological contexts?

    There are claims that perhaps high alkaloid levels RESULTED in earlier flowering. Is there any basis for this claim? Could early flowering phenology lead to a need for higher levels of defensive compounds as a result of being the ‘only food at the buffet’. Jess mentioned in her talk that every portion of the plant contained gelsamine, do we know if alkaloids are actively transported into the nectar, or weather there is a bleed over effect from leaf and stem tissues?

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