Reading for October 2nd

Ecological Rules Governing Helminth-Microparasite Coinfection


One response to “Reading for October 2nd”

  1. Josh says :

    Two topics related to the paper for discussion:

    1.) The author provides evidence that two co-infectors can have either negative or positive effects on the abundance of the other (Fig. 1). What factors would you expect to lead to more antagonistic or mutualistic outcomes? How would host specificity of both parasites affect how they interact with one another?

    2.) According to the paper, an ecological toolbox holds what loosely resembles a hammer, a screwdriver (not sure if it’s a flathead or a phillips), and a measuring tape (Fig. 4). Are these adequate tools for a generalizable ecological toolbox? What else would you add? (I for one would at least have a level and some duct tape) Is it possible for us as ecologists to find generalizable ecological tools like those used by physicists?

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