A proposal for a synthesis project: dispersal-mass relationship


I have attached a short document outlining an idea that I had for a synthesis project for PAInt.  I chose this because I think there are a lot of data that are easily attainable, and to my knowledge nobody has published a study looking at this aspect of dispersal.  I also chose dispersal because I know how the data are presented which could make gleaning data more straight forward.  Anyhow, perhaps we can discuss this, this week at PAInt.

Please comment on this thread for this project in particular.  I know that I am overly dispersal-oriented, so please feel free to tell me if I am being over-zealous, pedantic, or confusing.




About seeddispersal

I am a post-doc at Case Western Reserve University working on the population dynamics of mutualism.

4 responses to “A proposal for a synthesis project: dispersal-mass relationship”

  1. jjahner says :

    Hello Chris,

    I appreciate the format that you have submitted your proposal in and I generally agree that the topic you have proposed would be a worthwhile meta-analysis topic. Before jumping into this endeavor (or any other meta-analysis topic we might chose), I believe that we should consider the inferences that we could make if your hypothesis was right or wrong. For example, if your hypothesis that body size and dispersal distance is positively correlated was indeed confirmed, perhaps we could infer that isolation by distance should have a stronger effect on smaller organisms. What would we be able to infer if we found no correlation between body size and dispersal distance?

    Does anyone else have any thoughts? What inferences can you come up with for Chris’s topic?


  2. seeddispersal says :

    I agree with Jahner that it was too soon and it looks pretty thorough. Thanks, Josh Harrison, for finding that! I feel a little embarrassed about not knowing about one paper in my field, but I guess it happens. I didn’t even know any of the authors’ names. Weird. Anyhow, we are up for more ideas!

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