Paper for Wednesday, September 11 2013

Moles 2013


2 responses to “Paper for Wednesday, September 11 2013”

  1. seeddispersal says :

    I thought that I would put a few discussion topics as they pertain to this week’s reading.

    1. How does the role of hypothesis relate to this paper?

    2. Is citation bias a general problem? If so, what drives these biases? What are solutions that individuals and populations can address?

    3. Last year we read “Specialization of Mutualistic Interaction Networks Decreases toward Tropical Latitudes” by Schleuning et al. inCurrent Biology – 23 October 2012 (Vol. 22, Issue 20, pp. 1925-1931). Is this the beginning of a paradigm shift?

    4. What are the hypothesized mechanisms for the alternative hypothesis that specialization positively correlated with latitude?


    • jjahner says :

      I like the idea of putting up discussion comments before PAInt every week. Hopefully it will keep us focused and lead to better conversations. I have a discussion topic to add:

      5: How much contrary evidence needs to be presented before a status quo should be broken? Or in other words, how much evidence do Moles and others have to present before I should believe them and cite their papers instead of the traditional literature?

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